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Boarding & Taping

Precision Drywall Services

Laying the Foundation

Contrary to popular belief, the boarding part is just as important as the taping and finishing phase.

If necessary (or if requested by the client), prior to starting the boarding we will prepare the walls and ceilings using a number of techniques to straighten all the corners and correct uneven ceilings with the aid of modern laser tools.

When boarding, Joint placement and joint treatment are crucial to achieving a long lasting finish; the choice of fastening methods is also very important.  Why is all this important? Mainly because of the drawbacks of wood framing (which is used in almost all houses) – building settling and truss uplift are two examples of the forces that act upon the drywall to create unsightly cracks, ripples and screw pops.

Our boarders have the experience and training that gives them a thorough understanding of how these processes affect the finished product down the road; all steps are taken to prevent cracks due to truss uplift, compression cracks and ripples in load bearing areas and cracks due to the normal activities in a household’s daily life.


Precision & Smooth Finish

The finishing part is what has made our work the new standard. The smoothness of the finished surfaces and the straight and crisp lines all around are the product of our tapers’ lifetime of experience.

Our extensive use of lasers and straight edges and our ability to incorporate new techniques and materials into the process result in an unsurpassed level of quality.

Seeing is Believing.

See our work, talk to our clients.

Many boarding companies claim to do the job right.  However with 30 years of high end work experience, we are known for doing the job “on time, on budget and a quality finish every time”.

See what our clients say about us, and contact us to see our work for yourself.  We are happy to take you to see a job in progress, or a finished job where you can see the end result.  Then sit back and relax, knowing that your boarding is in the best hands!