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Floating Board Ceilings

Floating Board Ceilings

Precise Finish

What is a Floating Board Ceiling?

A testament to TDC’s mastery of the trade, floating board ceilings are the ultimate in flatness and smoothness.
Most ceilings are at least ½” out of flat, specially in today’s open concepts where long spans are the norm and heavy loads are placed on large beams to achieve these large spans. Large windows allow a lot of natural light to flood the living space and (unfortunately) reveals the tiniest defect on your ceiling. A floating board ceiling corrects this to perfection, with only ½” of headroom loss (as measured from the low point).

Floating Board Ceiling Advantages

A World of New Possibilities

The floating board system has opened a whole new world of possibilities due to its inherent properties, as outlined below:

Millimetre accuracy, which is a delight to see when completed. This kind of precision is only possible with today’s high tech laser instruments.

It corrects any uneven ceiling regardless of how uneven they might be as long as it’s a wood frame ceiling (even five inches or more, which we’ve seen before)

It allows you to drop the ceiling to any height to suit specific designs. For example, it gives you the option to have full height doors and windows with no gap between ceilings and window frames and a constant gap between the doors and the ceiling. Another example is when the design calls for a reveal between the wall and the ceiling; the reveal will actually be constant and perfectly straight.

It eliminates any chance of screw pops on the ceilings.

It does not interfere with vapor barriers or insulation.

The ceiling is already flat before the finishing starts, so tapers do not have to fill any imperfections as there aren’t any. All they have to do is tape and finish as usual, no darbying, no concrete fill needed.

It adds almost no weight to the structure.

It helps to some degree with noise dampening.

As one of the pioneers of this technique in North America, we’ve built upon the initial concept to offer what is now truly the best money can buy.