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We appreciate our clients, and they appreciate us!

Innovative solutions, Job done as promised

We have been in the new home and renovation business for 25 years, and as such greatly appreciate all the trades that work with us to provide the client with first class work on time and on budget. TDC drywall has been doing this for us for the last 5 years.

Dry wallers often find themselves in a time crunch as they typically  enter a project at its later stages. Ted and his crew handle this situation in a professional manner and get the job done as promised.

With their experience and knowledge, they also provide innovative solutions to the inevitable problems that can arrive on a project. Jobs are left clean and ready to paint.  I highly recommend TDC for all your drywall needs.

Dane Mathiesen, Boda Construction

Absolutely Perfect!

I wanted to try out a new drywall contractor who came with some good references so we hired TDC Drywall in 2014 for a small custom home we built in East Vancouver.

Ted’s crew did a great job of boarding.  They also did a terrific clean up to get it ready for his taper.  The taper worked long hours daily 6 days a week.  This was a bonus for us due to the job schedule.  After the taper completed, TDC did a full clean up which included scraping of floors and he brought his own home built vacuum system.  The job was cleaner than any drywall contractor that I had ever used.

When we did our light check prior to priming/painting we found that the  work done was perfect.  The taped areas where the ceilings meet the wall and the inside corners were absolutely perfect, tight and square.  The skimming of the walls (Level 5) where either lights of the sunshine washed the walls were also done flawlessly.

When the painter started working at the house he said “this guy is a keeper”.  The painter has worked for me for 16 years and is extremely conscientious.

Since then Ted of TDC has worked on three large homes for us.  The quality of the work has been as excellent on all of the homes.  He’s is a good communicator and a team player.  Glad to have him as a part of my team.

We have built 103 homes and have used several drywall companies, but Ted’s work is by far the best.  I hate to recommend him as he may become too busy to work on my projects…

Mike Ruegamer, Ruegamer Construction Ltd.

On time, on budget and a quality finish every time.

Working with Ted and his team at TDC Drywall is always an absolute pleasure.

Ted’s honest and informative approach to any job has given us the confidence to use him and his team time and time again. TCD is exactly what you want for your drywall needs: on time, on budget and a quality finish every time.

Adrian Upward
Upward Construction & Renovation Ltd