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Vancouver Drywall Services

Specializing in High End Custom Homes
High End Drywall Services

All of our work is in the residential market. The majority of it is in the following areas:


New Homes

New homes are the bulk of our work and the most interesting as most modern designs are very demanding for the drywall contractor.

Check out the list of the new home builders in Vancouver that we work with, by visiting our clients page.



Renovations do require special skills to achieve the perfection that customers demand; our floating board ceiling system is especially useful in old homes. Renovations come in all sizes, from full interior home renos to to to the small, bathroom type projects.



Condo renos are somewhat tricky due to the steel framing and difficult access.

We have extensive experience in the field and our finished product is just as good as in our new homes.

The Work Process

Our work starts when the home is insulated and all inspections passed.

We will order the materials, do some preparations, do the boarding, haul the scrap away and do the finishing.

The last step is our trademark cleanup:
We scrape the mud off the floor and vacuum the floors, window sills and wall outlets with our custom made vacuuming equipment designed in house specifically for the high demands placed by the large amounts of very fine drywall dust created by the sanding process.

Project Timeline
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Boarding 0
Get Rid of Scrap 0
Finishing 0
Cleanup 0
Our work is guaranteed, and shows a high degree of care every step of the way.